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About us

We are a leading industrial holding, active in Ukrainian market since 2001. Within this period we successfully managed a number of projects - running businesses that generate stable incomes and growth of assets.


Our goals

Attracting partners for development and running of new companies on the basis of existing production facilities to achieve stable growth and success of joint businesses.


For partners

On the basis of partnership we offer any available resources and assets. Our enterprises and all production companies are supplied by the joint developed infrastructure and located on a closed secured territory.

We actively participate in development of joint projects by:

  • Providing working business models;
  • Investment of own funds and existing assets to joint projects;
  • Giving of internal orders;
  • Involvement of professional workers and managing staff;
  • Supporting in getting loans from financial institutions;
  • Providing qualified consultations and market analysis;
  • Providing full administrative, law and accounting support of projects;
  • Involvement of common departments such as security department and IT department;
  • Full assistance in any arising issues.